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Jan 1, 2013 6:00am EST
bmore fireworks naas nattbaltimore rings in another laws....and a last minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. 3 3 tuesday, january first... 20113!happy new year!!!! 3 3& same ssx couples usher in th new a newwlweds! newlyweds!startiig oday... new year's day will haae new meaning...who finally have the right to marry. city hall... any couplesssaid " i do" gaa marriage offically becomes stephanie rawlings -blake officiated the ceremony for a couple who had been ttgether for 30 years.she says... it wassan eeotional night. incredibly meeningful night... there are so mmny people who 3 have a chhnceenow to havv the life they've wanted for them chose equality over hate. hate. same-ssx couples in maayland have eee able to get parriage licenses since pecember 6th, but they did not take ffect until this morning. 3 - in the eleventh hour.... the senate passes a bill to 89-8 vote. ppesident n "the right thing to doofor our country" as patti ann browne reports... now the legislation moves on to the house where it's future remains uncertain. (pkg) senate lawmakers vo
Dec 31, 2012 6:00am EST
their marriages &pbecome official. 3at 12201 a-m tuesday... less than 24 hours from now... the new law goes into effect. ceremonies are scheduled to take place at city hall... in the newwyear.siice deceeber 6th... same-sex couples in maryland have beee abbe to get &pmarriage licenses... but thos &plicenses o not officially take effect until tommrrow. there's a shorttge of county.aacording to the e's -3 wassington post"... 100perceet of the county's schools don't have a permanent, ull-timm nurse.the supervisor of the health services office says it's all because oo retirement and hiiher-paying jobs. recently... about 0 school purses have een a systemmmight ask nurses at one school o treet students at 3pother schools. some maryland residents hit hard by supersttrm sandy.. re &pcountt hh exxerienced set significant amage will be eligible for food stamps because of the disaster. &p the programmprovidee one month of benefits. sttrm victims can apply from january 7 through 13th at the county department of social services and the disaster recovery center in crisfiild. phrases making t
Dec 28, 2012 6:00am EST
the year... the government will be forced tt buu vast quuntities of milk under a trummnnera law. that could send as 6 to 8 dollars ggllon... because the government would the wholeeale rate... under a pre-filed bill in the general assembly... is looking to make soft-shell crab... the official maryyand sannwicc.the senator richard colburn... an eastern shore 2008... lawmakers passed llgislatiin tt make smith islann cake... a &pmulti-layered cake... the throw awaa the locks.... now the doorr will remain open all the timm at maryland casinos. so how uch more money will it the state? ptate? oel d. smith is see what the casino is expecting. joel, how busy is it? 3 3 3 the new year's eve ball haa been installed at times square... and preparaaions aae uuderway foo the big night.the ball... which has 288 crystal panels... will drop downna 141-foot-tall flaggole... to usser in the new year. the theme "let thhre be peace."" billion people across the world arr expected to watch britney pears issgetting the boot from the "x factor."an insider tells us magazine"... th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3